Mai Furst Caturday

Dis, mai furst Caturday, iz brought to u by…

De letter Ai

For, “Let meh Introduce maiself!”

Oh, hai!

Ai am Cambria kitteh! Gud to meet u! Dis iz mai  hooman’s blog, which Ai stoled for dis, mai first Caturday ever!

Look at me, Ais bloggin!

…de letter G

For “Gudmorning!”

As in…”Gudmorning, feeder. Ai hab been keping ur toes warm fur u. Now fed meh!”

…and de letter B.

For “Books!”

As in…”Books! Ai loves dem! Dey are cumfy…

and yummy!”

Also, de numbuh 3

For “3, de numbuh of times Ai stoled mai hooman’s chair dis morning!”


Victory iz mines!



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