Caturday Numbuh Two

Ai did many inturesting fings dis week.

Fur exampel: Ai made a fort out of dis pizza box. Iz like makein a tree fort, only wif a pizza box instead and u just lay on top, not inside.

Den, Ai played hidd adn seek, but dey found meh.

Ai was tryin to halp Manda make lunches, but Ai got a liddle destracted…

Oooo.....Sundrops! Ai lubs it!

How do Ai werk dis straw fingy?

Dat did not werk out for meh. Manda was not pleezed.

So instead, Ai made a new BFF! Everyone, meet piantbrush! Ai found her in Manda’s desk!

We frolik in da kitchun togever...

...and Ai even shear mai foods wif her!

Itz true lub!

And now, Ima have to go. Ai hab some interweb fings to do…

...leik sleep on dis vereh warm mac. Mmmmm. Cumfy.

Kai, bai!




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