It’s a Lazy, Lazy Caturday

This is the face of a lazy cat:

How lazy, you ask? This lazy: she begged me for a chance to blog. “Pleeze, Manda, lemme blog. Ai loves bloggin! And look at how cute Ai am. Pleeeeze!” So I did. Because I’m a sucker for a cat who can talk. And now that the novelty has worn off? She’s gotten lazy.

I told her we'd begin blogging at 8:30am sharp, but she took a nap instead...she did the same at 9:30, 10:30, and noon.

When I confronted her about her tardiness, she just licked my hand...

and went back to sleep.

I tried to talk to her about her plans for the day, and in typical teenage fashion, she pretended I wasn't there.

Oh, but she has plenty of time to work on Tyler’s computer stuff with him. Just because he offers a warm computer monitor and all I’ve got is a laptop that I won’t let you sit on because if you do I can’t type doesn’t mean you can ignore me, young lady!

The traitors, caught in the act.

"What??! Ais comfy."

Or maybe it does. I keep forgetting that being the one with opposable thumbs and a driver’s license does not mean I’m in charge around here. Oh well. At least she’s cute.


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