Hooray for Caturday!

I love Caturday. It gives me an excuse to talk about (and take excessive amounts of pictures of) my favorite person cat. In case you haven’t noticed yet, I sometimes forget Cambria isn’t human.

I’m so familiar with all her little sounds and expressions; she’s a very good communicator. There’s the “I want more food” meow, a purr that says, “I’m lonely,” and a certain little yip that says, “I hate it when you leave me home alone all day. Now rub my belly and tell me I’m cute.”

We had our first small group meeting this week, and during the ice-breaker I had to name one of my embarrassing habits. As I thought about it, I realized that my most embarrassing habit is not one of my many ODC-induced oddities, like always counting the walls and  ceiling tiles wherever I am, but talking about my cat like she’s human. And also talking to my cat like she’s human. It’s pretty bad. For example, I shared this little exchange went down when I had been working at my book store for about three months…

Me: “…and when I got home, she had knocked over the trash can and there was garbage all over the kitchen and living room. I was livid!”

Boss Man: “That’s crazy. Who was watching her.”

Me: “No one. I left her home alone.”

Boss Man: “Home alone?! How old is she?”

Me: “Two, almost three.”

Boss Man: “You left a two year old home alone?!! Who does that?!”

Me: *light bulb clicks on over my head*: “Um, Bud, she’s a cat.”

Boss Man: “Oh. I thought you had a daughter.”

Me: “No, not that I know of. Cambria is a Siamese cat.”

Boss Man: “But I really thought you had a kid!

Me: “Um. No.”

Boss Man: “Huh. I always thought Cambria was a strange name for a kid.”

So there you have it. Proof that I will probably be crazy cat lady in T minus twenty years and counting. Now if you’ll excuse me, my furry mini-human cat is demanding attention. I just got the “I was playing and I spilled all my water on the floor but now I’m thirst. Halp!” leg-brush-and-loud-meeeh-sound combo. Motherhood Duty calls.

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