House Hunters: San Diego Edition

On today’s edition of House Hunters, Tyler and Amanda are looking for a starter loft in Downtown San Diego. With a budget of preferably-not-highway-robbery, and less than 24 hours to make their decision, will this young couple find the loft of their dreams, or will they be stuck roughing in the tent city while they try to figure out what on earth they’ve gotten themselves into?

The Last Resort.

First, they previewed several old-building lofts. The building is over 100 years old, and was renovated into live/work lofts with in-room laundry and central heat/AC in the 90’s. The spaces are a little bit bigger, and feel more livable and less sterile than the new-building lofts, but you have to pay for parking, and there are no decks or outdoor spaces. This was Amanda’s favorite building by far, but there were two layouts to choose from, which made things tricky.

Old Building, Loft #1, 770 sq. feet.

Apartment F: L shape separates bedroom from living space, six large windows let in a lot of light, but they look out over a parking garage. Boo.

Old Building. Loft #2,800 sq. feet.

Apartment A: fewer windows, but a better view and more space.

Second, they toured a penthouse-level loft at the very top of their price range with high ceilings, an amazing view out of floor to ceiling windows, a deck, one parking spot included and not much else. If you could see Tyler’s face in the photo, you would know it was his favorite.

Penthouse Loft, 600 sq. feet

Gorgeous view and a balcony, but pricey and small.

If you’re wondering why there aren’t more pictures for this one, it’s because there wasn’t really more to take a picture of. There was a bathroom, a closet, and a kitchenette to the left, and then some space. I called this the casserole loft because everything- kitchen, bedroom, livingroom- was all thrown in there together were little opportunity for separation of any kind. One could practically have fried bacon from the bed, but that view is incredible!

And third, was the “second choice” loft: a platform loft apartment, with a three step-up into the bedroom, a half-wall separation between rooms, so it was still two rooms but it was open, one parking spot included and two closets. It had a decent amount of space, didn’t feel like a casserole, and had a great view, but no balcony.

Raised Platform Loft, 720 sq. feet 

Cute design. Everyone's second choice.

So after spending waaaaaaaaaay too long deliberating, what did our enterprising young couple choose?

An old-building loft with lots of character? The penthouse loft with an amazing view but little space? Or the compromise loft with two closets and a cute design?

*Drumroll please*

We chose the second old-building loft!

It has the great view Tyler had hoped for, but it’s large enough that I think I can a: make it through a day without feeling claustrophobic and b: turn it into a nice home. It was the best compromise, and we’re very excited about it. We move in 10.14.11!

I’ll be back tomorrow with something  bookish and/or more interesting than the pictures of empty apartments, I just wanted to show off our new pad and some of the amazing views of our new city. T-minus 4 days and counting until this is my home…

San Diego, here we come!



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7 responses to “House Hunters: San Diego Edition

  1. Does the man with the clipboard come as part of the deal? At the very least you should steal that ladder.

    • You are a rather astute man, Mr. Cargill. Thank you for remininding me about clipboard man. He was kind enough to show me around twice, and wait patiently while I imagined furniture layouts in my head. I really should get him a thank-you gift. 🙂

      And I have every intention of swipping that ladder for at least a week while I paint those walls a less pallid color.

  2. I have always loved loft’s. Hope you enjoy your new home, it looks like a fun project!

  3. Janice Cahill AKA Mom

    You could fry bacon from the bed. . . mmm, interesting thought. You have such a way with words! If definitely gives a visual ☺ So glad to see the pictures and a peek into your world.

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