In Which Cambria Gives Me the Silent Treatment, and Probably Sneezes on Our Vet.

Cambria, we had a nice little nap, now I really need you to get up. I have stuff to do.

"But maaam, Ai's sleepy!"

Seriously, Cambria! Please get off my jewelry box. I need to get ready!

"But maam! Dis texture is pleasing to me."

Cat. Move. I need to get directions off my e-mail.

" But maam, dis mouse is comfy and de computer is warm. Ai stays."

 Stop stalling. This isn’t second nap time. I’m trying to put on my shoes!

"But Ai'm soooooo sleepys, mam. Just four more minutes."

Cambria, I know you’re unhappy about it, but we really do have to  go.

Fine. Den Ai will just sits in dis window and ignore yous!

I’ve been getting the silent treatment all morning. Cambria has a case of the sneezes so we are off to the vet  today, which does not make her happy. The vet means a: the cage, b: the car, and possibly c: medicine, three of her very least favorite things. We’re hoping the sneezes are  just an allergy that she’s developed in our new city and nothing worse. Cambria is a strong little kitty, and she acting normal (except for, of course, the sneezes), so we’re not too worried, but your prayers would be appreciated anyway!

Also, lets hope she doesn’t actually sneeze on anyone this time. She has had the sneezes once before, when she had a mild upper resperatory infection, and she sneezed on the vet. In his mouth. Twice. Yeah, I’d rather not repeat that episode.

"You can makes me sit in heres, but you can't makes me like it!"


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One response to “In Which Cambria Gives Me the Silent Treatment, and Probably Sneezes on Our Vet.

  1. Janice Cahill AKA Mom

    Awww… poor Cambria and poor Amanda, for having to go through all that, too. Keep us posted on how she is. You’re such a good cat-mommy ☺

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