Everyday Is Caturday If You Want It Badly Enough



DA-nuh, DA-nuh...


It's not a shark, it's a poorly taken cat picture! And it's in honor of...

the return of Caturday!



Okay, so maybe it’s just me and Cambria who are excited. We got so excited that she took a nap on the keyboard:

and I ate a brownie in my pyjamas:

But that may have more to do with my love for chocolate than it does about Caturday.

But you don’t want to see pictures of me looking maniacal moments before devouring chocolatey goodness, you want to see my furry goober doing goober-ish things such as…

playing scrabble...

and biting people's toes in the morning...

and playing in her play house...

and "helping" me blog.

And that’s  what the goob has been up to. Well, that and trying to jump out of our 7th story apartment window. I was far to horrified/pumped full of adrenaline to take a picture of that occurence, however. But that’s a story for another time.

Happy SaturdayCaturday!


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2 responses to “Everyday Is Caturday If You Want It Badly Enough

  1. dgw

    Fail! I want a pic of you flipping our over that!!<3DGW

  2. Glad Caturday was good for Cambria (escape from bad fall), and for you (chocolate)!

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