Little Facts 2.0

I think I was supposed to do this on Wednesday, but I’ll do it today anyways, because I’m such a rebel.

  1. I wish the Macarena would make a come back. It’s the only dance I know.
  2. I would rather eat cookie dough than actual cookies.
  3. I’m scared of Tilda Swinton. I love The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, but I barely made it through the first time I watched the movie. She freaks me out; I don’t think she’s really human.


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3 responses to “Little Facts 2.0

  1. Maggie

    Very cute. I loved all of these.

    I discovered that I forgot how to do the Macarena at the last wedding I went to…

  2. Ha, love it! I went to a fondue night at a friend’s house last week (if you’ve never had or been to one of those, go buy a fondue pot… now.) and for our dessert fondue, someone brought a package of break and bake cookies to dip into the chocolate – it was heavenly!

    I miss the Macarena too – so good for wedding receptions! And you’re not the only one with that opinion of Tilda. Yikes!

    • Oooo. I love fondue! We’ve had a pot for a few years, and I always say I’m going to use it, but I never do. 😦 But there is a ridiculously yummy (and expensive) fondue restaurant just down the road from us. I can’t wait for my birthday so I can eat there again!

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