Today is a good day, and a day of many firsts.

The first first: It’s my first time writing a blog post from my phone! I’ve pushed a post live from my phone before, but I’ve never composed one. It makes me feel all edgy and savvy and hip. And it makes me realize what a s-l-o-w typist I am, since I only use one finger, my index finger, to type on the touch screen. Is that how normal people do it? I don’t know. I’ve only been hip for an hour now, so you cool kids will have to help me catch up.

The second first: It was the first day of my Book-A-Day week! I’ve been reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins today, which I’ve wanted to read for awhile now. I have about 100 pages left to go, and two hours left in the day, so I should make it without an issue.

I do have a confession to make, though. I cheated just a teeny tiny bit: I read the first ten pages of the book a few days ago. Oooops. I felt bad about it for about three minutes, and then realized that this is my game, and if I want to bend the rules a little every now and then, I can do that. I think. I still feel a little guilty, though, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be making this confession right now. Darn my hardcore Baptist love of rules! I can’t even break my own rules. I’m sure this serves me well in the long run, but sheesh, today it’s just pathetic!

And the third first:I’m considering getting a reader, maybe a Nook color. I’ve held out for a very long time. I would consider myself a book purist; I like a real book, one I can write in and put on my shelf. There’s something more tangible about the legacy of a real book, one that I can share with any friend, not just the ones who also happen to have the same reader I do. But traditional books cost more money.

There are some books, say for instance the new Sherlock Holmes book, The House of Silk, that I know I’ll want a hard copy of. But then there are books that I only have a passing interest on, such as The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, that I’m certain I will enjoy, but won’t be broke up about not having it on my book shelf. Getting my library card will help with this, but I’m still considering a reader. Plus I could put things like bulky, expensive cookbooks on it, which would be really nice.

What do you think? Do you have a reader? Would you even consider getting one? Am I selling out? The convenience would be great, but I’m afraid that the book, like the snail mail letter, is going the way of the buffalo, existent: but quaint and rare.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a book to finish, a peppermint mocha to guzzle, and a kitty cat to snuggle.



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5 responses to “Firsts

  1. I have written a couple posts about the very same thing. I have come to this final decision, or thought. I love books, but it is the words I love the most. Sometimes it must come as a real book, but other times ebooks are my best friends as well. I am totally for the samples. I like being able to read several pages before I make my decision. Lately I have been borrowing ebooks from my local library. I have only been getting kindle books which I read on my iPad. So easy and free! I also subscribe to Nook and Kindle deal of the day feature. I have gotten a couple great deals. Good luck! Hunger games is on my reading list as well!

  2. Hmm, so many of my friends are on kindle but I cannot do it – I am a hold a book, breathe, smell and get into it kinda girl. I have just started blogging from my iPad, and felt just the same as you – very hip and cool.

    • That’s the way I’m leaning. I realized while reading yesterday that I love making notations in books, and book smell is one of my very favorite smells! I’m thinking I’ll just get my library card soon, and be content to borrow the books I don’t want to buy.

  3. sarahplowman

    I’m laughing a little to myself — I completely understand about the rules thing. I’m such a rule follower… and yes, when I make reading lists and goals, I have a hard time breaking my own rules! Totally get it. (Hmmm maybe it’s MY Baptist background too!? haha).

    And, I’m a “purist” too, I guess. I love the paper, the original real deal. Although, I finally joined the 21st century and upgraded to a touch-screen smart phone this month… so I suppose a nook/kindle isn’t entirely out of the option for the future. I might cave eventually. 🙂 I do enjoy the thought of being able to pack more reading material with me on trips, for less weight!!

  4. I have a Kindle and I love it. I use it exactly as you describe – some books I need to own in the good old-fashioned way but others I only have a brief interest in (or need to get right away and isn’t always able to in this country). I actually have the entire Hunger Games trilogy on the Kindle – and I’m regretting it a bit. These are actually books I would like to have a hard copy of… ‘nough rambling. 🙂

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