Little Christmas Facts

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, here are three of my favorite Christmas traditions from my childhood:

1: The Christmas Eve candlelight service, begun by reading the Christmas story as found in Luke, and ended each year with the sanctuary lit solely by little white candles, one held by each congregant, as we sing, “Silent night, holy night. All is calm, all is bright…”

2: That night, after we get home and eat our traditional smorgasbord buffet of a dinner, my brother and I open our gifts to each other, usually an exchange of books and movies, and some great hugs.

3: Christmas afternoon, after all the gifts are opened and thoroughly inspected, we munch on leftovers from the night before and play board games: Scrabble, The Game of Life, Monsters Inc. version, and always Disney Monopoly. It’s the best family time any girl could wish for.

What Christmas traditions do you love most? As you’ve grown older, how have they changed?


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  1. Christmas morning we would get up and everyone would get what they need to be comfortable – coffee, blanket, whatever. Then, we would begin opening gifts by going in a circle, from youngest to eldest usually. Each person would make a bit of a show of opening the gift – noting who it was from, maybe shaking it, and then we would all spend time appreciating the gift. It was a slow leisurely pace that allowed us to chat and laugh as we opened gifts. Our parents always included a family movie as one of the gifts from Santa to our family, and after the gifts were done, we would eat breakfast and then snuggle back into our spots to watch the movie before we went to Grandma’s for Christmas dinner. I haven’t been home for Christmas for a couple of years and I really miss that family time in the morning.

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