I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie

To solve my big book loving problem, I’m going to be participating in The 2012 Chunkster Challenge! A chunkster is a book of 450 pages or more (525 if you’re reading in large print), and no e-books or audio books are allowed. Why? Because part of the challenge, the thrill, is to figure out a way to comfortably hold that ginormous dinosaur of a book while you’re reading.

There are different levels of the challenge, and I will be aiming to complete the Do These Books Make My Butt Look Big? level, which means I’ll be aiming to read six chunksters of varying lengths- two between 450-550 pages each, two between 551-750 pages, and two books that have more than 750 pages- in the next twelve months. It’s a little ambitious, but several of the books I already wanted to read will count towards it- A.S. Byatt’s The Children’s Book, Anna Karenina, The Poisonwood Bible, 1Q84, Kate Morton’s newest mystery The Distant Hours– so why not make it official?

I will not be reading any chunky books today, however. Today, I am cleaning in preparation of the friends we’re having over tonight to celebrate yet another wonderful New Year, full of promise and hope. And tomorrow I begin my first book for the Lovely Little Reading Challenge 2012! In honor of the new year, I leave you with a little challenge. I’ve already selected my first book of 2012. Based on this very short authors note, can you guess what classic British novel I’ll be reading tomorrow?

“I am not I; thou art not he or she; they are not they.”

Happy guessing! And Happy New Year, friends!


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11 responses to “I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie

  1. Glad to see you joining us! I went ahead and fixed your link over there 🙂 Have a Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks for signing up for the Chunkster Challenge. Anna Karenina is a book that keeps reappearing on participants’ lists. Happy New Year!

    The line from your book comes from Brisdehead Revisted. I googled it. 😉

  3. Large books but no Fat Fantasy? I assure you, Steven Erikson is the finest purveyor of post-modern fantasy. You simply haven’t experienced existential chaos until you’ve seen it through the eyes of 100,000 year-old beings. You can get a lot of world-building done in ten volumes of 1k+ page tomes.

  4. Sounds interesting. I’m tempted to join because I’m sure I’ll be reading my fair share of chunksters this year!

  5. Ashley S

    love the title 🙂

  6. I’m considering the challenge. I like a good challenge. 😉

  7. Good luck on this! I’m participating as well! (I love your headline – I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie – gave me a chuckle!)

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