“Octopus Paintings,” and Other Things That Bring Us Together.

You may think reading is what brings us all together, that the main reasons people come to my blog are the book discussions and cat pictures. And you’d be 73% correct. The other 27%, however, is found in the rather amusing search terms that, against all odds, bring people to my virtual doorstep. (Disclaimer: All statistics are made up. Therefore, I cannot vouch for the math behind them or their accuracy.) Some almost make sense, and some I really can’t figure out. Here are a few of my favorites, as they have appeared on my stats page:

  • Getting rid of a charlie horse
  • Preschool octopus crafts
  • neon silverware
  • octopus paintings
  • How to make an octopus? (I’m not sure what started the octopus craze, but I addressed it here.)
  • cat shampoo
  • august gloop fat
  • Augustos Glopp
  • Augustus Gloom
  • is augusts gloop real (I mentioned poor Augustus once, waaaaay back. That post still gets at least 30 hits a week from people searching for him under many misspelled monikers. And who knew there was an iniciative to make him the next Pinnochio?)
  • definition of zoophilia
  • Is happiness possible in 2012?
  • 2012 happiness plan
  • i love boys who love Jesus
  • is dartmoore zoo accredited
  • is Dartmoore Zoo real?
  • fairy tale vocabulary
  • The Grimm Legacy vocabulary
  • big vocabulary blog (Why thank you!)
  • 10 commandments for life not from Bible
  • personal kitchen towels
  • towels for cats

I’m sure there have been other oddities as well, these are just the ones that were recent enough for me to remember stood out.

In other news, I’m blogging from my brand new iPad for the very first time ever today!


It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Amanda on her iPad!

And I’m getting ready to download my very first e-book. I’m not 100% sold on electronic books, but since I have the tablet now I’m going to give it a try. (Side note: That math was not made up and is completely accurate though subjective since personal in nature.) What should I download first? Do you prefer Nook, Kindle, or Google books? Whatever my initial opinion, I’ll report back tomorrow for those of you who, like me, are on the fence about this whole technology and books mumbo jumbo. But I really do have to go get reading now. Marissa has already finished four books! She’s beating me, and I just cannot allow that! (Have I mentioned that the two of us get rather, erm, competitive? I won last year, and I’d like to keep my title, so as much as I like you guys, I’m off. Only 364 days left to read/ win!)


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2 responses to ““Octopus Paintings,” and Other Things That Bring Us Together.

  1. marissa

    Hum…make it 6 books! And im on books 7! Right now!!

  2. I love that you created a post about octopus crafts just to fill your search destiny.

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