Happy Birthday, Cambria!

This is the story of Cambria.

Three years ago today I was a brokenhearted woman mourning a kitten and a baby, both gone too soon. And three years ago today I met my new kitty. An adorable, though timid year-old Siamese cat, Cambria had been abandoned as a kitten and caught in a trap meant for a raccoon. Saved from being put-down by a local rescue, she was healthy, but terrified of everything and everyone. The women at the rescue said she needed to go to a home with no other pets and lots of love, and I told them that we fit the bill perfectly. My mother’s heart needed someone to take care of. In the car, she sat in the farthest corner of her carrier and her whole body shook with fright, but she looked at me intently, her eyes never leaving my face.

When I let her out at home, she hid under the couch for almost five days. She’d come out at night to eat and drink, but that was all. Slowly, she started to explore other corners of the house, when no one else was there, of course. And then, one night I woke up with something furry and warm cuddled by my side. Cambria was home.

It didn’t happen all at once, but Cambria slowly became the cat she was meant to be: smart, playful, loving, always ready with a purr, a snuggle, and a kiss. And I, overtime, became myself again too. It’s like our little family was meant to be.

So Happy Fourth Birthday, Cambria Kitty. I’m really glad you are mine!



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4 responses to “Happy Birthday, Cambria!

  1. Peaches

    How precious!! Thanks for sharing ♥

  2. Julia Marshall

    What a gorgeous story! Happy birthday Cambria, I’m glad you found the right human to look after you.

  3. Blah blah blah sappy kitty stories get no reviews;) mine deleted my essay (timed on school account) tonight….she is now begging (insisting) to be let out of her room…but I on the other hand feel she needs a night to herself to think about what she’s done. Ima text you tomorrow…got some unblogable unfacebookable venting to do…


  4. There is so much here, liking is good but not enough. Bless you hugely, young Amanda!! And happy birthday to Cambria!

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