October Poetry, Day 5

I have the love of ten hearts beating inside my chest- they thrum
in one accord
for you, love of my youth,
man with the strong jaw and silent lips.

(You are also beautiful, but that is beside the point.)

You don’t say much of your own inner expanse,
but I can see it when you brush the hair off my forehead, or catch my
gaze across a room, or when I find you looking at me when you should
be looking at a movie screen.

You are not a words man, preferring to use your hands and mind in silence.
But every night your arms surround
me as sleep overtakes us, and I can feel under
your ribs the thrum of ten hearts beating
in one accord for

(Man of my youth and my heart and all my ten loves,
you are beautiful in your silences, and nothing of you has
ever been beside the point.)



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12 responses to “October Poetry, Day 5

  1. Emily

    Amanderrrs, that is so lovely!

  2. My favorite part is how “chest” and “lips” seem to rhyme because of the rhythm. But “man with the strong jaw and silent lips” is definitely my fav line.

  3. Wonderfully particular, lyrical, authentic!
    Poetry month – I should have done this. Finish well, Amanda!

  4. Ashley

    Beautiful, Dee! You are such a talented poet.

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