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Little Facts

Three things I need:

1: A haircut. Bangs grow too fast.

2: New clothes. I’ve lost a whole lotta weight since last summer, and my clothes are getting too big. This is a hard-earned victory. Hooray!

3: Dinner. I am getting hungry, and my chef is being lazy with something she calls a “blog,” whatever that is.


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Little Facts: Words Edition

1: I’m a good writer (forgive my hubris), but a terrible speller. My first school, attended from kindergarten to 2nd grade, did not teach phonics at all or correct spelling for the first few years of my education. Thus I can spell words correctly if I think about them, but if I’m just going with the flow of my thoughts, it’s fairly atrocious.

2: Instead of taking a language I could potentially use outside a botany classroom, I studied Latin in high school. My favorite words are flumen, which means river, and fenestra, which translates to window. They’re just really fun to say. (Common, say them with me. Your mouth with have fun, I promise! Fluuumen. Fenestraaa. Fluuuumen! Fenessstraaa!)

3: For all my big vocabulary, I’m surprisingly poor at Scrabble. Big words can’t make up for a lack of skill in the strategy department. (Thanks to Words With Friends I am getting better, though!)


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Lady Little Facts

My favorite female authors:

  1. Madeleine L’Engle
  2. Denise Levertov (poet)
  3. Anne Lamott

    (I’ll say this is my top three, but fitting stuff into three’s is hard. I don’t edit myself well enough to do this. It really hurt my heart that I couldn’t also include Joan Didion or Kate DiCamillo or Edith Wharton or Kate Chopin or Sylvia Plath or Jane Austin, even if she is cliche. Can we have a “Verbose and Overstated Facts” meme? I think I’d be better at that.)

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Little Christmas Facts

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, here are three of my favorite Christmas traditions from my childhood:

1: The Christmas Eve candlelight service, begun by reading the Christmas story as found in Luke, and ended each year with the sanctuary lit solely by little white candles, one held by each congregant, as we sing, “Silent night, holy night. All is calm, all is bright…”

2: That night, after we get home and eat our traditional smorgasbord buffet of a dinner, my brother and I open our gifts to each other, usually an exchange of books and movies, and some great hugs.

3: Christmas afternoon, after all the gifts are opened and thoroughly inspected, we munch on leftovers from the night before and play board games: Scrabble, The Game of Life, Monsters Inc. version, and always Disney Monopoly. It’s the best family time any girl could wish for.

What Christmas traditions do you love most? As you’ve grown older, how have they changed?


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Expecto Patronum! And Other Animal Facts.

  Here is a free fact for you: I am an animal lover. I get way more excited about going to the zoo than any child, and I may or may not own ridiculous animal things like a pitcher shaped like a rooster, and a welcome sign that’s a cat. I know, how will you ever stand to bask in the light of my awesomeness, right? Now that you know just how cool I am…

  1. Elephants are my favorite animal, with pandas running in a close second.
  2. Snakes are my least favorite, and by least I mean I have a horrible, very real phobia of them. They give me nightmares, and I have a panic attack upon sight of them. But there is growth! I can now watch them on TV with only minimal crying involved.
  3. If I were a wizard al la Harry Potter, I would want my patronus to be something fierce, like a tiger, but, if we’re being honest, it’d be a regular cat. And if we’re being super honest, it’d probably look like this:

(I’m so sorry for my absence! I’ve been sick and blah blah blah. During my illness, I’ve read five books, so I’ll return after Turkey Day with reviews, insights, and side-splitting hilarity. Until then, I am thankful for all of you, my friends! Happy Thanksgiving!)


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Blast off!

Three places I dreamed of going as a kid:

  1. Outer Space
  2. Narnia
  3. Disneyland

One down, two to go!

Silly girl, you can only get to Narnia from England!


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Little Facts 2.0

I think I was supposed to do this on Wednesday, but I’ll do it today anyways, because I’m such a rebel.

  1. I wish the Macarena would make a come back. It’s the only dance I know.
  2. I would rather eat cookie dough than actual cookies.
  3. I’m scared of Tilda Swinton. I love The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, but I barely made it through the first time I watched the movie. She freaks me out; I don’t think she’s really human.


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Little Facts

1: For one reason or another, I frequently forget to eat breakfast. But today I remembered! Unfortunately, I ate ice cream instead of real food. Oooops.

2: I wish I has Zooey Deschanel’s hair. I would wish for her singing voice too, but then it gets a little Ursula the Sea Witch, and that’s just creepy. (On a related note, when I watch her new show, I realize why my husband cringes when I do/say things in public sometimes. Awkward people are…really awkward.)

3: I’m too neurotic to take part in NaNoWriMo. Last time I tried, I lost 10 pounds in two weeks and ended up passed out in a freezing cold shower because I kept forgetting to sleep. I can’t go to that place again.


(This is a meme from Rebecca with an R, and this is my first shot at it. I may be the only non-fashion related blog over there, but I think these ladies and their facts are really fun!)


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