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To The Lady Searching For Preschool Octopus Crafts…

…who keeps looking faithfully and finding only my blog: I am sorry. I don’t have many of those around here. I mostly write about books and cats, so I’m not sure why a search engine keeps sending you here with frequency. But because I admire your dedication, I offer you this…

Amanda’s Octopus Craft, For All Ages.

What you’ll need:

Washable paint, markers, and/or crayons…

and colorful paper.

Also, you will obviously need a safe place to do this craft, like a table you don’t mind getting dirty, and adults to supervise. I did it on the floor because I’m an adult and my carpet already has a large amount of paint on it. But I did still have alert supervision from the Art Cat:

This is what you do: 

Cover the child’s hand thoroughly with the paint color of their choice, like so…

and then make not one but two overlapping handprints on the colored paper of their choice, making sure their thumbs are held closely to the palm of the hand… (this ensures that your octopus has eight legs, not eight normal legs and one little, gimpy leg.)

As you can see in the bottom right corner, two over-lapping handprints looks like an octopus! And as you can see in the top left corner, Art Cat approves of your efforts.

Wait until the paint dries (I blow dried mine to help it along), and then decorate as you wish. I was going to glue googly eyes to mine, but then I realized I was fresh out. But if you have them, that could be a super cute edition. Also, for older-ages, you could add sequins and glitter, or you could even do it on fun-foam instead of construction paper.

Octavian the Octopus, at your service!

For a less-messy alternative, you can trace the hands on a colored piece of paper, help the child cut it out, and then glue it onto a different color of paper. I just thought the paint was way more fun, even though my hand will now be dyed blue for the next several days.

I hope that helps you in your endeavors, Octopus Craft Lady. Happy Crafting!



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