Craft Geek

A lot of my conversations since moving go like this:

Friend/Acquaintance: “Oh, you moved here/there to help start a church? Is you husband the pastor? Are you the pastor’s wife?”

Me: “Hahaha….no.” (If you’ve met Tyler, you know why this is funny. Tyler+Public Speaking=Panic Attack.)

F: “Does he lead worship? Are you the worship pastor’s wife?”

M: “Um…no.”

F: “Oh. Then what do you do?”

M: “He’s not a pastor at all. And I make stuff.”

F: “Oh……”

These conversations are frustrating to a certain degree, because it really is easier to show you than to tell you. So for the sake of avoiding future awkward conversations, this, dear friends and acquaintances, is what I do…

Which is to say, I make things. Specifically, I make sets to go with each new kids series for both the elementary and preschool class rooms, and I come up with and make the crafts, games, etc. for the elementary class each week.

I also do this…

We had only boys one service, so we did the logical thing: we built a Ninja hide-out from chairs and the twister mat.

Sock puppets!

Singing and/or Dancing. It's hard to do both at the same time.

Ollie Octopus, our craft area mascot.

Dress-up relay race, anyone?

Which is to say that I play games, make stuff, laugh a lot, and learn even more with the coolest 1st through 5th graders around every Sunday. I love it! Some of the best blessings and biggest lessons I’ve learned have come from my time spent with these kids. (And although you wouldn’t know it from Jonah’s face in that last picture, the kids have almost as much fun as I do.)

And this is what Tyler does…

Which is to say that my husband is the Hingepoint Church sound guru who likes to take pictures of the service and his gear on occasion from behind his soundboard. He also records and mixes the sound on any albums the Hingepoint worship band might drop.  I have zero talent in the music and sound mixing business, but I’m told by those who do that Tyler is very good at what he does.

So there you have it. In California, much as in South Carolina, I’m a craft geek and my husband is a nerdy gear-head. That is what we do.


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