Today, We Remember.

I could say so many things today. There are so many emotions and memories associated with the September 11th attacks that I am tearing up as I type these words.

But all I will say is this. I am deeply thankful for the men and women who sacrificed themselves to rescue others, who volunteered their time and money to help our country recover, and that I get to live out this mysterious, beautiful gift called life in a nation that protects the life and liberty of her people.

I am so proud to be an American. May we never forget, and may we never forget to be thankful.


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One response to “Today, We Remember.

  1. Because you visited, I know you’re back. So happy! Hope you’re well!!
    It’s not that I’m ignoring the content of your post – I’m grateful like you. So many people help us and go unthanked, that it is a very good thing to remember them any day, but today especially.
    (Thank you for liking my poem!)

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