Dr. Who, Blue Shampoo, & Life-Changing Fruit

Some odds and ends…

No smurfs were hurt in the taking of this photo.

1: I am in love with the show Dr. Who. And maybe Dr. Who himself. Tyler and I started season one this week, and I only have one question: why has no one introduced me to this amazing show before?! I don’t think I ever knew what true, TV show love was before now. Hallelujah.

2: I’ve made a terrible, horrifying mistake. I bought blue shampoo. I thought it was just the bottle, but no. The shampoo is blue. It’s like squeezing melted smurf goo into my hands. I know it’s a weird reaction, but it creeps me out. It smells good, and it makes my hair feel amazing, but I just can’t make myself use shampoo that looks like liquified mold. I’ve been secretly using Tyler’s shampoo for the last week or so. I guess the cat’s out of the bag now. Sorry, dear!

3: Speaking of cats, they are ridiculous. Namely this cat:

Yes, we own a monster TV. Seriously, it weighs more than Tyler and I combined and could probably eat us for dinner if it so desired.

We took a spontaneous trip to Ventura Beach Sunday afternoon into Monday to celebrate Labor Day and the six-year anniversary of the day we met. (Yay for love!) In that short period of time, Cambria managed to turn into a jungle cat. This is where I found her this morning. Is there any situation in which she allowed on top of the TV? Yes. If the ground is covered in hot lava, then she is allowed atop the TV. But I can assure you, the ground was not covered in hot lava. I know because I was standing on it. She also stole flowers from a vase on the counter. Again, counters are completely off-limits to kitties, except in a hot lava situation, which, again, was not happening. She has lost her furry little mind.

Not only has she not been following the rules, she’s been acting like we left her alone for a year. She woke me up last night twice because she was laying on my head. Purring like it was going out of style. Then, she woke me up two more times because she wanted me to pet her. Um, who is in charge here? Oh, the attention starved cat is in charge? Thanks for clearing that up for me.

4: A few pictures from Ventura to hold you over until I post in more detail about our absolutely fantastic weekend:

The view from our balcony, first thing in the morning.

We took an early morning walk on the beach. It was just us, the surfers, and a few really cute dogs and their people enjoying the beautiful morning.

5: On the way back from Ventura, we stopped at this cute little fruit stand by the side of the road. It was nestled beside a large orange grove, so I hoped that the oranges would be especially good. Good does not begin to describe them. More like amazing. We got all this…

Oranges, and apples, and mangos, oh my!

plus  a few more apples and oranges that we already ate, several ears of sweet corn, and a bottle of hot sauce imported from Mexico that Tyler had never seen before and therefore could not live without, for $9 and some change.  And all of it is fantastic. The stand is called Francisco’s Fruit. Should you ever be heading east on the 126, you should stop and pick up some of their life-changing oranges.

Well, I’ve probably ignored my hubby and cat enough now. I’m off to watch more Dr. Who and eat some Nutella toast. And probably some mango.


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