You Are Cordially Invited to the 2012 Lovely Little Reading Challenge!

In case you have not yet heard, Marissa, of the 2011 Reading Challenge fame, and I are at it again. 52 Books proved to be not enough of a challenge once we got into it, so as proof that we’re both deranged, we’ve decided to read 104 books- the equivalent of two a week- in 2012 in what we are formally calling The 2012 Lovely Little Reading Challenge!

If you are also a deranged person of the bibliophile variety and would like to join us, this is your formal invitation! Come read a literal boat load of books with us! The only guidelines are this:

  • You must read all required books (104 total) between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012.
  • If this is new to you, or you don’t feel like two books a week is feasible for your situation, you can participate on the Jr. level, which requires only 52 books, or one per week. Honestly, just set your goal and read along with us! The more voices in the chorus the better!
  • Each book may only count once. You can read Pride and Prejudice once a week, but it can only count once in 2012.
  • No cheating. This is about feeding and enriching our minds, so Green Eggs and Ham only counts if you’re five.
  • Books from more specific challenges can count towards this one also.
  • Keep a list of your finished books, even if it’s just in the back of a journal. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Also, this isn’t a requirement, but the challenge is better when you do it with someone. Even if it’s just a blog friend, reading quests are so much more fun when they’re shared! And I’m always available to be that blog friend, too. I love to hear about what you guys are reading; it inspires me!

    And that’s all she wrote. Well, that and also this: Marissa, my partner in crime, has started her own blog to keep track of her reading quest. If you’re interested, you can find it here.

    So start collecting those books, and Happy Reading!


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    8 responses to “You Are Cordially Invited to the 2012 Lovely Little Reading Challenge!

    1. Cassie

      Go you!!! Good luck with your challenge. I read 115 this year and I can attest that you’ll be okay. I even took a few breaks when I was overwhelmed by a good book, followed by three or so bad books. So, you can do it is what I’m saying. Just keep swimming!

    2. Wohohooo!!!!!! Just a few more days!!! Im pumped!!! I’ve been depriving myself for three weeks now of now books!!!!!

    3. Brilliant idea! I have many books on my shelf I have not read yet and am trying so hard to read them all. I have a book buying addiction! This is a great challenge! Can’t wait for Jan 1 now!

      • Brilliant! So glad you’re on board, Sarah! I have a book buying addiction too- that’s partially how this whole thing started. But that’s the wonder of a book addiction: read books, get to buy even more books, etc. It’s a thing of beauty really:)

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    5. I’m in. It’ll be interesting to see what the list looks like a year from now. Do I books I teach count? I do re-read them.

      • Welcome to the challenge! I’m so glad you’ll be joining us. 🙂 And as long as you only count each book once, I don’t see why you can’t count the books you teach. Happy Reading!

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