Little Facts: Words Edition

1: I’m a good writer (forgive my hubris), but a terrible speller. My first school, attended from kindergarten to 2nd grade, did not teach phonics at all or correct spelling for the first few years of my education. Thus I can spell words correctly if I think about them, but if I’m just going with the flow of my thoughts, it’s fairly atrocious.

2: Instead of taking a language I could potentially use outside a botany classroom, I studied Latin in high school. My favorite words are flumen, which means river, and fenestra, which translates to window. They’re just really fun to say. (Common, say them with me. Your mouth with have fun, I promise! Fluuumen. Fenestraaa. Fluuuumen! Fenessstraaa!)

3: For all my big vocabulary, I’m surprisingly poor at Scrabble. Big words can’t make up for a lack of skill in the strategy department. (Thanks to Words With Friends I am getting better, though!)


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12 responses to “Little Facts: Words Edition

  1. Peaches

    So glad to be seeing your blogs again – I missed them!

  2. sofiacristina

    …had to laugh out at your 3rd point because it’s so true for me, too. My engineering husband typically beats me at scrabble (which is humbling/frustrating for a former English-major)!

    • Sofia, I was also an English major, and my computer programer husband beats me regularly! Those scientific minds should just not be better than us at this! We used to play every Saturday, and we had to take a break because I was getting far too intense about it. 😉

  3. Fun, Amanda!
    So you must know the meaning of defenestrate…?

    • Haha- I had not heard that one before, but I like it!

      • Amanda, in my attempt at banter, I gave the impression that this is simply a kind of funny word. At the time, I’d forgotten that there are famous incidents of murder by this means (Czechoslovakian history), and of course in our own times, suicide on 9/11. Please forgive my light tone. Sorry!!

      • Maria, I had not even though about the implications of the meaning. I was just excited that good Latin words are still being used. All is forgiven!

  4. I, too, am a horrible speller and an English teacher. I learned to read and write via the phonics system, but I still have trouble with some words. Once when I was teaching Jr. High English class, I stood at the board completely baffled trying to remember how to spell “of.” It is phonetically impossible. 😉 (I double checked the spelling of certain words in this reply using

    • Funny! It’s strange how our brain gets mixed up about the simplest things, isn’t it?

      • Serioulsy! I was up there sounding it out “uuuuvvvvv,” “uuuuuvvvvv.” I knew it wasn’t “uv” but couldn’t think for the life of me how to spell it, so I just turned around and asked the kids. Ha! The look on their faces was priceless!

      • Haha! I’m sure where I ever to teach, I’d have the same thing happen to me. As it is, I often ask my husband/friends/mom/whoever happens to be around to spell words that seem to have just fallen out of my brain for no reason. The most recent one I can think of is spelling brown bwown, and then just staring at it until Tyler looked over my shoulder and said, “Uh. Dear? That is not even a word.”

      • HA!! We seem to be cut from the same cloth. =) My kids ask me how I can be an English teacher and be such a bad speller. I tell them “Easy. Spell check and”

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